Design / Build (Coolers, Freezers, Food Processing Rooms)

How can Panels Plus, Inc. assist you?

Panels Plus, Inc. has worked with many customers, engineers, architects, and general contractors with design build assistance. Because Panels Plus, Inc. focuses only on the products we sell and install, we have a deep knowledge of what panel systems work best under varying conditions. We also have a full understanding of what door systems work best pending your needs. Our experiences and engineering knowlegde can save time, money, and aggravation. We are equipped with experienced installation crews, and a full knowledge of proper installation techniques.


  • Complete project design build for coolers, freezers, or USDA/FDA food processing rooms
  • Approval drawings for panel work scopes and doors within the thermal envelope
  • Comprehensive review of architectural details for panel and door work scopes
  • Recommendations and corrections for thermal envelope details
  • Value engineering as pertains to limits of proper design
  • Preliminary budget costing
  • OPR's (Overall Project Reviews)
  • FMA and FMRC (Factory Mutual) products and installations
  • Installation experience that exceeds manufacturer requirements for warranty purposes

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